Work - Jobs - Assignments.

The Contracts that you will be offered can be varied and interesting. All Contracts are specific to the Adult Internet Industry but can be tailored.
We have a lot of fun on set and usually film at a specific location or studio that we hire out. You would be informed of this in advance.
In between the fun there is also the hard work we put into our films, we love what we do and we hope that you will want to film something special too!

So if you are not or do not want to be an Adult Glamour/Spanking actress, then Triple A Spanking is not for you.

If however you have experience, or are interested in starting to work in this area, (we really welcome 1st timers and will cater to your needs) then providing you are at least 18 years old (this is a legal requirement), below are some examples of the work we are looking to offer to the right ladies/couples.

Contract Example One. To work from 11am or midday to approx 5pm (this will be arranged in advance) being photographed and filmed up to fully naked/explicit poses (depending on your level agreed in advance) to provide interaction with possibly another girl (Girl/Girl) and to be spanked in a variety of scenes for our films from the domestic discipline scenarios to workplace and or schoolgirl type stories. There are plenty of breaks in between and all films start off gently with OTK spankings and work up to your agreed levels. To see more on what we do, please start to visit our TOUR PAGES HERE

Contract Example Two: To work from home (if preferred) just being photographed and/or filmed in spanking positions and scenarios, this can be with a partner, we are particularly looking for real life couples who don't mind being photographed in a variety of spanking poses for our members site much like the old fashioned "Readers Wives" section which we want to chapion with real life couples: Let us know the levels you are prepared to work to and we will see if we can do it! We are particularly looking for 1st timers and those never filmed before on camera or video! We'd expect you to induldge in some spanking scenarios, naturally!

Contract Example Three: Experienced spankees or lifestylers who can take a hard punishment are particularly welcomed as well as those willing to give it a go (see section 2 about 1st timers) the theme of our site is spanking after all and it's what we love filming! We also cover canings (cold and warmed up), traditional domestic discipline, schoolgirl role plays and OTK spankings, leather and wooden paddlings and full use of all CP implements (please bring along your own if you so desire). We will require you to interact with male and female models to a script that we will advise you of (most films are very simple in format) - please note all male models will be fully clothed and at no point, unless agreed or you have a partner, will there be explicit sexual play between male and female actors unless agreed to in advance. Sexual themes are evident in some domestic or workplace scenarios as you would expect. Spanking and sexual punishments are highly erotic in nature!

For a full list of films and what we do, please check all our tour pages starting HERE