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BAD VOLLEYBALL GIRLS - Amelia & Molly were coach Osborne's best players so he was furious when both girls got sent off for fighting in a vital game which his team lost due to their thoughtless actions. Both girls were sent to cool down after the game as they discussed the events whilst stretching in a variety of revealing poses we are sure you will enjoy viewing! However, Osborne had further plans for these 2 as only he knew how as there were more things he wasn't happy about with the way the girls dressed provocatively on court causing him embarrassment from complaints he had received. He decided they would both receive a very humiliating double punishment in front of each other with a hard old fashioned slippering followed by the cane on both their bared bottoms to teach them a lesson they wouldn't forget in a hurry!
Nyssa grabs ashely's ass for a spanking
WEBCAM HUSTLERS - Nyssa's English uncle had bought her and her best friend, Ashley, matching pyjamas from 2 of the biggest soccer teams in England. The girls were unaware of the animosity between the supporters of these 2 teams which was no doubt part of the wicked old Uncle's plan! They decided to make some extra money again on their webcam so sign in & an English guy sees them in their PJ team tops and quickly paid for a private show! He wanted to see the girls playfight, wrestle and get up to all sorts of lesbian and spanky stuff and see who or what team would come out on top! Who wins and who gets the most money from the webcam show? Check out the movie and see for yourself.
Jessica Jensen spanked by girl guide Zoe Page
A SPANKER'S GUIDE - Zoe Page was a hopeless girl guide, she never put in the effort with earning badges. Her latest task was to make a decent sandwich but she was totally clueless & asked her fellow guide, Jessica Jensen, to help out. However, when Jessica laughed at Zoe's attempts to make a sandwich the darker side of Miss Page turned on a smirking Jessical. Jessica tried to please Zoe since she secretly wanted more from her domineering friend so she allowed her to spank, paddle & use a crop on her bare bottom leading to some naughty pussy play. Seeing Jessica masturbate her juicy minnie which turned Zoe on, but only to cause some more discomfort to poor Jessica for her own wicked amusement! See how a besotted impressionable young lady would try almost anything to please Zoe in this very naughty girl guide spanking fantasy adventure!
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THE GYM CLUB - This is the 1st of our multi girl films recently taken in the USA and there are stunning tearful debuts for Nyssa Nevers & Ashley Graham alongside Joelle Barros! The girls have been annoying other customers of the high class and much sought after Gym Club where new memberships are difficult to get approved and they are brought into a back office to meet the Gym Club owner, John Osborne. He issues these brats an ultimatum when he senses a chance to show them some old fashioned British discipline values. They accept a humiliating punishment in front of each other or he would have no hesitation expelling them all! The girls love this place & realize how difficult it is to find somewhere else half as good so they reluctantly accept their fate to learn to behave like proper ladies!
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FANTASY SPANKINGS PT4 - Welcome to another of John's fantasy spanking fantasies, in one of his favourite films so far in this series. A sexy crisp light blue gingham school dress is worn by naughty Mishka as she once again assumes the revealing wheelbarrow position over John's lap. This time, copious amounts of soothing cream are rubbed into her sore red cheeks in between more use of his beloved bathbrush to get that little extra sting to keep her from enjoying teasing him too much. She still enjoys the sensations of cool cream and burning swats from the bathbrush though and deliberately shows off her most private parts for us all to see and admire! Mishka only ever worked for our company in the UK before retiring from working for other companies so we are privileged to bring you yet another popular film in this ongoing naughty spanking series!
Caned naked on the stair landing
PUNISHMENT STAIRS - Jenna & Taylor were two extremely cheeky (or sassy) schoolgirls who reported to the Punishment Stairs between lessons for a humiliating discipline session because they had again defied strict school regulations by smoking in uniform outside. Both girls giggled & answered back to their Headmistress who was determined to teach these two a lesson but it was a hard fought victory for the principal. She resorted to stripping the girls of their clothing & dignity before giving them both the hairbrush followed by the cane across their bared bottoms. Headmistress was not convinced they had learnt their lesson so she left them shivering afterwards just in time for the next school bell when dozens of girls passing would be able to see just who was punished on those infamous stairs!
Spanked in this position with a hairbrush
WHEELBARROW SPANKING - Amelia Jane Rutherford & Molly Malone make their stunning debut with a unique all female wheelbarrow position spanking special! Naughty Molly persuaded Amelia to take a spanking in this embarrassing position & her huge grin said it all as she revelled in Amelia's bewilderment at agreeing to do this in the first place. This was her first ever spanking by another girl in this precarious and revealing position and to add some spice, both girls were wearing some very sexy & highly inappropriate school uniforms to raise our blood pressure just that little bit more for our viewing pleasure!
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CHATTERBOX DETENTION - Danielle Hunt is ball gagged during her detention for continuing to talk, the reason she was there in the first place was because she couldn't keep her big mouth shut and disrupted the school lessons with her constant gossip and chattering in class! Danielle does it again when she's given the chance to prove she has learnt her lesson and her teacher thrashes her hard and close to tears in a severe blistering attack on her bare bottom, still gagged, with a leather strap and her most hated of spanking implements, a heavy stinging hairbrush which he used without mercy until she was gasping for him to stop!
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THE BIRCHED MAID - Kami took a birching from her Master of the House. She had to go pick the birch twigs herself and tie them together before presenting Harold with The Birch and he made her assume the position he wanted to punish her in over the chair. It wasn't long before the criss-cross tell tale welts from the birch could be seen and Harold ordered Kami to remove her clothing so he could see her reactions more clearly in this eery light as she fought for breath and tried to hold back her tears until her body convulsed in pain and the endorphins took over allowing Kami to take the full punishment. This is one of the most intimate and severe films we have ever made and should be a "must have" for all collectors of spanking erotica.
sore red bottoms after their discipline
GIRL GUIDE FLASHERS Nyssa Nevers & Joelle Barros have joined the English Girl Guides as part of an exchange programme in the Anglo American Scouting network. However, a routine fund raising event like the Car Wash Day went horribly wrong as they made a mess of cleaning the cars & sent temperatures soaring wearing suggestive panties underneath their skirts for everyone to see! These wanton exhibitionists were called in to the local scout leader's office & they got a nasty surprise for daring to shame the traditional values of this Troupe by ensuring their disgraceful knickers were removed & a series of hard swats of the hairbrush & bathbrush were used on their sore red bottoms to teach them some self restraint & manners in public! Nyssa certainly learnt her lesson as she burst into tears at the end, barely able to take the bathbrush that every girl confirms HURTS LIKE HELL!
Kami Robertson gets the leather belt
PUNISHED BEFORE BED Kami had been a very naughty girl and had shamed everyone at home with her poor behaviour at school. She knew what was coming before bedtime as she had been promised a proper good old fashioned humiliating discipline with his hand, hairbrush and something else which would be a nasty surprise! Kami was nervous but only had herself to blame as she was told to assume the position over his knee for an unwanted bare bottom spanking. She was then given the hairbrush which stung like hell as she was further punished, wriggling in shame over his lap before the concluding part of her punishment she knew nothing about... an old fashioned leathering with his belt! This was a particularly hard scene which had Kami whimpering and in tears at the end ensuring she was a little more aware of what would happen to her again if she dared bring the family name into disrepute!
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DODGY XMAS PRESENTS Amelia & Molly have had an eventful year living with their friendly but sometimes strict landlord, David, who the girls love to call "Uncle" as he is there for them in their times of need and also to sometimes guide the girls when they have misbehaved, some would say they all lead a dysfunctional lifestyle, others would be jealous of their cosy relationship with kindness and spankings never far from their minds. The girls decide to give Uncle David a special treat... quite what it is you will see as the girls allow him to spank them both over his knee on Christmas morning, it's a great start to the day, but much more naughtiness is to come when they hand him their tempting presents! Check out this special long play Christmas video for you all to unwrap!
followed by a long hard caning
DETENTION DEFILER Another special twisted schoolgirl punishment story! This time Danielle had stolen some spanking magazines during her Detention (from the Staff Common Room) and she was getting off to them to pass the time instead of doing boring lines. This filthy girl was caught with her fingers buried in her panties touching herself as a shocked Mr Osborne decided a rather unique and humiliating deterrent was required. Since she liked getting off so much to the images she saw in the magazine he decided that he would associate everything she got off to with the very real pain of a hard stinging bathbrush and caning punishment across her bare bottom whilst also making her look at some of the images that she had previously thought so sexually fascinating! It's certainly an interesting perspective which we are sure you will all enjoy viewing, especially since her final scenes with the cane were painfully severe! The uniform and the austere authentic detention setting makes this a rather dark schoolgirl punishment fantasy!
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LINGERIE SPANKINGS This was the 1st film we made with stunning Nyssa Nevers & we requested that she bring along some of her sexiest lingerie for the introductory film. We weren't disappointed as you'll see, Nyssa has the most wonderful bottom to spank and whilst wearing her very sexy lingerie provided a magnificent spectacle. We hope that this'll give a nice visual treat for all you naughty spanking voyeurs! Watch Nyssa's flawless untouched cheeks turn red during her 1st spanking film of the day.
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FANTASY SPANKINGS PT3 Welcome to another of John's fantasy spanking fantasies, in this short but very sweet film you will see his love of girls dressed in dropseat pyjamas combined with the naughty wheelbarrow position for spanking. You will see Mishka again submit herself in the revealing wheelbarrow position as you see her reddening tight pert bottom & delicate pussy in full view. This continues the real POV experience you experience along with John as he paws & gropes Mishka’s tight little bottom between spanking her. This is all about desire, submission & intimacy which this series portrays wonderfully! 
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MAID OF DISHONOUR John hired Jessica to be his in house maid & she was paid a lot of money to dress up as "eye candy" for him & to look pretty when he was at home. However she was easily distracted & decided to masturbate on his breakfast table instead of cleaning up the kitchen which was so much more tiresome! She brought herself off with a naughty little buzzing toy she had hidden away in his cupboards & John arrived back early to discover Jessica pleasuring herself, legs wide apart, her pussy in the final contractions of orgasm! Outraged, he decided to teach her a humiliating lesson for bringing herself off on his table instead of working hard on his time! He knew her pain tolerance levels were low from previous punishments so he made her strip out of the tarty uniform so he could feast his leering eyes on her firm tight body then he spanked her over his knee. To finish this off when she was close to tears he gave her bare red bottom a hairbrush punishment which she would remember!
Irelynn complains as her wet bottom is spanked too
BATHROOM SPANKINGS Irelynn & Leia were promised an all expenses night out courtesy of John after their film shoot had ended, however, he hadn't reckoned on these 2 divas taking so long to get ready! They had been in the bathroom far too long & his patience wore thin. When the girls told him to wait yet again, he had enough, taking Irelynn across his knee he promised Leia she'd get the same too. Both girls got a hand spanking across their wet bottoms which stung like hell & turned them red in no time as John continued to moisten their slippery cheeks with even more bath suds for his amusement! Enjoy this soapy sexy punishment spanking of 2 very naughty young madames who got what was coming to them!
Zoe and Jenna wrestle in bikinis
THE WRESTLING LESSON Zoe was trying to teach her new student, Jenna, some new moves in their latest wrestling lesson but Jenna had other things on her mind as she thought she could do better than the simple movies being taught. She pushed her teacher to the limit with some own moves of her own that rattled Zoe and when Jenna almost squashed the life out her attractive tutor, something had to give. Zoe was not used
to being made a fool of or submissive at all so she soon took complete control of the naughty minx, Jenna, and gave her another lesson in how to be a compliant young lady with a humiliating punishment. Jenna remembered who was boss as she suffered the indignity of having her bikini bottoms pulled down for an old fashioned bare bottom spanking!
the spoon sorts out these girls butts
THE 11th COMMANDMENT This is the 1st of 4 films featuring naughty schoolgirls, Aleesha Fox and Jenna Jay, with their various put upon uncles who have tried to look after them and bring them up properly but these 2 are far more worldy and know just how to run rings around kindly Uncle "Dodgy Dave" who they adore as he lets them get away with all sorts (unlike nasty old Uncle John). But even Dave got fed up and from time to time and he had to administer his own unique brand of punishment, sometimes to the amusement of the girls, but also they knew when he meant business and the smiles and laughter disappeared. Here in his kitchen, the girls arrived home late from school, having left it in a mess, not done their homework and showed a lack of respect which had earnt them both his hand and some wooden implements across their bare bottoms! From the "Uncle knows best" series.
Jenna and Taylor show off their sore bottoms
CAUGHT BY MISTRESS Mistress ensures her girls are compliant and punishes them if they step out of line in this very private world they have agreed to live in as slaves to her. However, the girls secretly rebel and play with each other in one of their rooms when they were sent to bed early after another discipline infraction. Mistress catches them playing with a flogger and soothing each others sore bottoms with cream so she decides to wipe the smirks off their faces by giving their already sore red bare bottoms yet another punishment, with a heavier flogger and a wooden paddle! The sexy girls are defiant but Mistress knows that they will break and give in eventually! Enjoy the sight of buxom young Taylor and sexy Jenna, both in their lingerie - getting yet another deserved thrashing from their irate Mistress!
The dreaded bathbrush is used again
MISS KNOWS BEST Aleesha thought she was being clever by hiding her stash of cigarettes underneath a bush outside the girl's dormitory annex. However, Dorm Mistress, Zoe Page, had seen what this foolish and sneaky schoolgirl was up to and had replaced the stash with some interesting objects for her to discover... spanking implements that were to be used on Aleesha's behind! See Aleesha get a bare bottom strapping and the dreaded bathbrush across that amazing rear over Miss Page's lap!
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REBELLIOUS TEENAGERS Sophie and Jasmine have been punished at school again for smoking and the girls are at Sophie's place, or rather, her uncle's house as he is left with the task of ensuring she tries to leave school a proper young lady and not a rebellious madame! However, their plans to take one of Uncle John's bottles of fine wine and chill out at the local park to forget about their bad day goes horribly wrong when he discovers what they're up to! All hell breaks loose as the girls are given yet another thrashing within an hour of their detention punishment. This this time it's on the bare with a hairbrush for being thieving and mistrustful. Sophie's poor buttocks take another pounding and her friend Jasmine is humiliated as Sophie's uncle orders her knickers down too for an equally hard short sharp shock! All in all, a rather miserable end to both girl's day! They wouldn't have appreciated his "Rioja Gran Reserva" anyway!
Kami whacked with the hairbrush
SUBMISSIVE MAID Harold Jackson employed Kami Robertson as his live in maid and he exploited her submissive nature by demanding ritualistic punishments for her poor work which he found fault with any time of the day. It was an eerie setting, a real spanking "film noir" with the lighting to capture this mood. The maid's uniform was made for easy access and bare foot Kami had to endure a number of thrashings in the first of 2 films from this series which showed his cruel build up to a concluding punishment (coming soon) that involved exclusive use of a home made birch. This film sees the use of a strap, hairbrush and a naked hand spanking that no maid except for Kami would normally take. See the private world of Master & Submissive as Kami found her sub space - it's a bit special.
Sarah's wet panties are removed
WET PANTY SPANKINGS Paul insisted that his live in maid, Sarah Gregory, cleaned his house practically naked! She agreed as he paid her so much and who are we to blame Paul for the way he could admire Sarah's more than ample physique? She also knew that if she did something wrong he got to spank her... and we think that she liked this a little too much as she was always getting into trouble! Here we see Sarah take too long cleaning the bathroom so this time it was a spanking with a twist as she was punished in her wet panties to give that added sting! Her white cotton panties were then removed and the hand spankings continued on her moist wet butt... A magnificent sight as the mirror showed off Sarah's facial reactions and her all natural jiggling DD bare breasts with that most beautiful angle of Sarah's spankable butt shot in natural light!
Paul can not believe what he is hearing
YOU BOUGHT WHAT ON MY CARD? Leia has gone too far this time on her latest shopping spree. Hubby Paul has put up with some ludicrous abuse of his credit card in the past and there's only so much a man can take and Leia's latest purchase (we can't even bring ourselves to mention it) along with the various parking fines that she has incurred has cost him yet more money and that means only one thing! There's a price to pay and it's her bottom that will take the brunt of his wrath as she is hauled across his knee for a good old fashioned bare bottom OTK spanking... A classic domestic discipline movie which features lots of bickering, arguments and some great humour and chemistry you'd expect between these two characters... you'll be sure to agree Leia deserves her spanking when you find out just what she has been buying!
Emma is given the paddle on her bare bottom
EMMA'S DETENTION Emma is waiting for her detention punishment but is quickly bored waiting for Miss to turn up and checks out the open laptop on the desk to discover that Miss has been active on a dating website. Emma is so engrossed in telling a friend on the phone this "momentous news" that she fails to see Miss arrive and so this detention takes a turn for the worse in planned severity! What was to have been a just simple spanking over her white cotton knickers turns out to be a terrible nightmare for nosey Emma as she is thrashed with her knickers pulled down... then given a hard dose of a nasty composite paddle before she is caned hard on her sore bottom to ensure she was thoroughly humiliated after dishing out all that unecessary gossip! To add to her embarrassment and pain, Emma is then made to sit on the dreaded "Naughty Chair" for the remainder of her after school detention.
The result of a severe hand spanking
DROPSEAT SPANKINGS We all have fantasies of how to deal with persistently bad behaving girls, so who better to represent such brats than Jenna and Taylor, who are bent over the bed in the dreams of Mr Osborne. This is how he imagines he could really punish those bad apples in his school with a no nonsense hard hand spanking that would humiliate and shame the very worst offenders! In this film you will see that their bottoms quickly turn a shameful red under his spanking onslaught and the girls are left in no doubt as to the severity of their thrashing as they are left with burning cheeks leaving us to gaze on their deeply reddened behinds! Of course this film will also appeal to pyjama lovers that our company is renowned for! Come and take a look at one of Mr Osborne's many schoolgirl punishment fantasies!
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INTRODUCING JOELLE A big warm Triple A welcome to Joelle, who is half Brazilian and half German from New York City. She really is as gorgeous and nice in real life as you'll see from this first intro film in which John quickly got her undressed and over his lap on a trumped up excuse to spank her for wearing the wrong outfit for her very first scene! She could take quite a spanking so he wasn't afraid to ensure that after 5 minutes or so, with her tight volleyball shorts and Brazilian bikini bottoms removed, her cheeks were glowing a shameful red for us all to see! We are also glad this is shot in widescreen as you'll see her long legs flailing which adds to the charm of this first film she made with our company! Ladies & Gents, please enjoy the first of many films we made with the beautiful and sassy Joelle Barros!
Aleesha Fox spanked OTK
PAJAMA SPANKINGS Zoe got to spank two girls one after the other in and out of their pyjamas over her knee. Yes, we insisted on seeing the girls spanked in their PJ's and Zoe didn't mind one little bit as we are sure you will enjoy gazing at the girls bottoms getting thrashed with Zoe's hand and a conveniently placed hairbrush within arm's length! Who are the girls? Jenna Jay needs no introduction, just one look at her and you know this mouthy northern English lass needs a good hard spanking to keep her compliant. We are also delighted to introduce Aleesha Fox. She is incredibly popular in the "Scene" here in the UK and for good reason... with her classic good looks, a sexy demure accent with a curvacious figure & bottom that cries out to be spanked!
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DANI'S WAKE UP CANING Dani once again refused to get up on time so this time she received a rather rude wake up call, with her hair all dishevelled, she wiped away the sleep from her eyes... & John took her breath away as Dani gasped out loud in disbelief getting a bare bottom spanking over his knee. She was then made to prostrate herself over the pillows in a revealing position on the bed for some rather nasty heavy strokes of the cane that did the job waking up this lazy, sleepy young madam!
Kami over the lap of Uncle Harry
HOUSE RULES Kami had already been warned about her attitude and the way she treated Uncle Harry's place like some cheap hotel when she stayed at his so when she returned home drunk and had lied to him about not staying out late, Harry took the drunken brat across his knee for a lesson she might just well remember until the next morning! Why? Because he sent her to bed with a very sore, burning bottom after giving her a short sharp shocking OTK spanking reminder of what would happen when she broke his strict House Rules! Kami's bottom was just made for spanking and you will not be disappointed one little bit to see her struggle, squirm and complain as that beautiful butt wiggled and turned a shameful bright red over his lap!
Sara goes over Jean's knee
WHEN THE BOSS IS AWAY The Boss of this small family firm is taking a well earned vacation and leaves Office Manager, Jean Bradley, in charge. He has also given her full permission to chastise and punish the girls as he does when it's needed. No sooner than he is out the door, this new found power goes to Jean's head and she immediately finds excuses to discipline the girls within her powers, namely to spank their bare bottoms! Both employees are desperate to keep their jobs and behave, so reluctantly accept their punishment and they soon realize that with the Boss away, nothing has changed in the office and they still get whacked for being naughty! This movie features lots of amusing banter, good hard spankings & some excellent use of the leather paddle & strap against both girls aching bare bottoms in this delightful F/F punishment movie that is 19 minutes long!
POV spanking nice and close
FANTASY SPANKINGS - PT2 This is again something a little rude, a little bit naughty & of course it’s all part of John’s fantasy acted out on film for your viewing pleasure. This is Part 2 & Mishka submits in the wheelbarrow position wearing nothing but a pair of stripey socks looking incredibly sexy to add to the sexual tension and intimate situation she places herself in. Her tight pert bottom & pussy are in full view and you get a real POV experience as John paws & gropes Mishka’s tight bottom between spanking her. This is never about the hardest spanking, but if you have ever been fortunate enough to spank a girl in this position then you’ll understand that you can never whack her that hard but it’s about desire, submission & intimacy which this series portrays wonderfully!
Burning spanked ass cheeks are soothed with cream
MAINTAINING JASMINE Sometimes you don't need an excuse to spank someone's bottom as lovely as Jasmine's... John insists on giving her a weekly "top up" with a maintenance ritual using some of his favourite implements after ensuring her bottom is thoroughly warmed up and turning a shameful red. A strap, slipper and the hurtful bath brush are all used as Jasmine's's discomfort & embarrassment of kneeling on the punishment bench, with her bare red bottom poking out like this being whacked, is evident for us all to see! There's absolutely no build up dialogue at all. This film just gets on with what you will see is a real visual treat - Jasmine's ass is one of the finest rumps out there to get a regular spanking and the final scenes of her hot red ass cheeks soothed with cream should not be missed
Mishka is near to tears as she faces the ordeal of a hard sustained thrashing
SMOKING HURTS Mishka is caught smoking in the school grounds when she should have been attending gym class! She is taken inside & pulled by her ear by a furious Mr Osborne who chooses a public hall where he will carry out a series of humiliating punishments on Mishka then leave her there naked doing cornertime until the school bell will ring so that all the girls will see Mishka's freshly punished bottom when they leave their classes & know that she has been made an example of for her filthy habit of smoking! Mishka is a slinky sexy girl & we are sure you will enjoy seeing her bottom thrashed hard with the paddle, slipper & hairbrush! Her bottom really does go very red which you will see the results of in a lingering finale of cornertime as she remains there, feeling foolish & rather embarrassed!
Jessica getting her bare bottom spanked by Zoe
ZOE SPANKS JESSICA Zoe Page is well known as a fearsome spanker and we employed her services for a very memorable day! Not only that, we got in a totally new "spanking virgin" who thought being spanked by a girl would be easier... oh dear! Wrong! Jessica soon discovered that girls could be as mean as boys if they wanted to! There is a brief introduction as both girls are new to this site then down to action as Jess is asked to get over Zoe's lap. This was a real eye opener as poor Jess clearly struggled to maintain her dignity with her bare bottom getting smacked slowly harder and harder and her cheeks started to redden shamefully. This was the very first time Jessica had been spanked by a woman and check out her reactions. This film includes some great scenes at the end of Jessica showing, in intimate detail, her poor burning spanked butt! If you like to see all female spanking films with 2 attractive girls then this is the film for you!
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WHAT A BRAT! John is fed up with Sarah Gregory who is playing up in the middle of his film shoot. She was making all sorts of diva-esque demands that would make some highly strung pop stars look like easy work! He patiently listened to all her petty & ridiculous demands until he knew just what had to be done between filming... after all, he had paid to make her work and not brat about! So without the main cameras running he took it upon himself to spank that sassy attitude out of her and make her a little more compliant and submissive! You'll find some good hard spankings in this movie with some humorous banter between them both, especially when Sarah thought it funny to mock John with her "English accent" and complain about our miserable English weather! Random fact: In the full movie for members, you will discover who Sarah thought landed on the moon first... John was absolutely dumbfounded, find out why when you view the movie.
The girls get a severe thrashing
USUAL SUSPECTS These girls are always in trouble, here they are again waiting for another detention punishment. The parents of both girls have now given the fee paying private school full disciplinary responsibility after Taylor & Jenna once got so drunk that Taylor had a set of tattoos as a permanent reminder of that shameful day! Ever since then, these 2 have got themselves into deeper & deeper trouble, perhaps they like being punished? We suspect they do as they almost enjoy taking their punishment as you will see in this latest episode. After
the games practice was ruined by these 2 girls they had an unexpected surprise as Mr Osborne, the school inspector,
was asked to accompany Headmistress & they both punish the naughty girls on their bare behinds in a frenzy of various straps & hairbrushes that happened to be at hand! Check out the Usual Suspects getting their deserved punishment!
Admiring her handiwork of Jessica's spanked bottom
WHERE ARE MY SHOES? Zoe underestimates how devious her new step sister, Jessica, is! She asks her to help find some missing school shoes as Zoe can't go and tell Dad that she has lost them as he'll be cross and no doubt thrash her for being careless, but Zoe doesn't know that Jessica had hidden them away deliberately to get her into trouble. The girls bicker and get into a catfight that soon turns into a grappling and wrestling match as Jessica outwits Zoe and pins her down in several moves which surprises the older sister! Zoe pretends to be hurt and as Jessica releases her, she turns the tables on her gullible sibling and yanks off her school shorts and panties then starts to spank the embarrassed and shocked Jessica! Zoe triumphs, but only just in this girl on girl bicker-fest! There are some nice spanking scenes and plenty of close up angles of Jessica's perfectly cute very spankable smooth bottom! See Zoe revel as a naughty bratty spoilt schoolgirl and watch Jessica receive her first ever punishment in a school uniform!
Sarah jiggles her bootylicious bum
THE FAKE ILLNESS Sarah has managed to fool her teacher into giving her time off as she said she wasn't feeling well. However, she had to visit the school nurse, a tough woman who knows all the tricks these girls play... and she catches Sarah doing some of her "exotic" dancing moves, jiggling her booty.Oh dear... and she is supposed to be ill? Nurse Hodges has just the medicine for girls like Sarah with "Lazy-itis" and that is a hard smacked sore bottom to remind them not to waste her time! Don't miss Sarah's fantastic bottom jiggling moves at the start of this film and the sight of that infamous bare bum getting yet another spanking!
spanked over Miss Bradley's knee
WAKEY WAKEY! Pandora Blake was still in bed as she decided to take a lie in, instead of getting up & preferred to snuggle where it was warm & cosy. However she was soon reminded why the lazy minx should be up as she had a dentist's appointment in around half an hour! Miss Bradley was a proper stickler for punctuality & will not have any of her girls let her down or ruin her own plans for the day by this avoidable laziness! The duvet covers were pulled back & Pandora's PJ bottoms were quickly yanked down as she was given a furious sharp shock of a severe hand spanking that had Pandora yelping as her already sore bottom from a previous night's thrashing became all too evident! Pandora was close to tears as the message quickly got through to her that she should be getting up! This is a special Short Sharp Shock movie that gets straight to the point with some great facial reactions & a very red bottom spanking!
Jasmine checks out Sophie's red bum
WHO WET THE BED? Sophie & Jasmine were too ashamed to tell John who wet the bed last night when he had discovered the sodden sheets! They were summoned downstairs just before they were due to go out. It was a beautiful evening, the girls were looking forward to having some fun but John was determined to find out who desecrated his property with this filthy outrage! The girls refused to say who did it and as he repeated his question "Who wet the bed?" So he decided that they would need some additional motivation and humiliation to try and loosen their tongues! He ordered the girls to spank each other across their already very sore bottoms from his previous punishments and they were evidently ashamed and rather embarrased that he was telling them what to do and leering at them, encouraging more humiliating acts unless they told him who did that foul thing to his bedsheets. He had one final humiliation in store for these girls and that would involve diapering them if they could not be trusted "Who wet the bed?"
Bratty Irelynn takes her spanking
SLAPPER CLOBBER Leia had been waiting for Irelynn to get ready so they could go out for an upmarket & more sophisticated girls night out! However, Irelynn's dress sense was far from Leia's idea for the places she intended to take them & accused her of looking like a "slapper" - Irelynn just looked far too tarty for the places they'd be enjoying so an argument ensued but Leia's patience wore thin & she dragged Irelynn over her lap for a hard reminder spanking of what a brat got! Irelynn continued to bicker & answer back so her bare bottom was given a resounding leather paddling whilst still over Leia's knee! She soon taught her who was boss in this relationship before they hugged & made up! The mood, the lighting & the apartment work beautifully making it a cracking OTK girl on girl spanking film! Enjoy what we think was the last ever purely F/F spanking role that that Irelynn starred in before her retirement!
Hard OTK Spanking
GOLDEN DANCER When a new dancer at a prestigious show messes up her simple dance routine, producer Jean Bradley wants to know why! It's not long before new girl Sara admits she has been partying hard after the shows, getting drunk - Of course Miss Bradley is far from impressed! All the girls know how discipline is carried out to help keep them all on their toes & Sara decides to take the punishment rather than try to find another less glamorous dancing job as she loves the expensive costumes & her new found friends! See this colorful & very hard OTK spanking of Sara's bared bottom in her sequined golden dance costume!
Spanked for the 1st time ever on film
INTRODUCING SOPHIE This was Sophie's 1st ever spanking film anywhere online so we are proud to bring you this very naughty girl! She wasn't shy at all, having starred in many very rude hardcore films and had been spanked at home by her partner as she explained in her interview before we got her to pose provocatively for the cameras to show us her amazing butt and allow us to test the goods in this spanking introduction. We got to see if Sophie could take a spanking for our website as we would be filming her all day! Despite this day being sweltering and the room insufferably hot... Sophie was a real professional and it soon became clear she'd make a fantastic new addition more than proving that she could take pretty much anything and we were genuinely impressed! You will enjoy more of her films to come and we know you will love the way her spankable bottom turns red after a few swats!
FANTASY SPANKINGS PT1 It's a fine wine and cigar moment for John as he fulfills one of many online spanking fantasies by showing you the first part of his wheelbarrow spanking of "the girl next door", Mishka.
You'll see some interesting close up POV angles and Mishka's tight little bottom turning red in this naughty new series of films shown with a very voyeuristic aspect of an intimate and very personal spanking scenario.
Danielle winces in pain as her bottom burns
WHEN IRONING GOES WRONG Danielle Hunt was a new volunteer Girl Guide & helping to iron shirts for her domestic badge but she isn't very fast & had hardly done any including the white shirt she had promised would be done 20 minutes ago for hotel owner, Mr Osborne. He was in a hurry& thought he could trust her after receiving such promising reports about her being reliable for other badge assignments. Now late without the shirt, he had seen enough & decided to give this dozy girl a reality wake up call with a brisk hard spanking there & then with her knickers quickly pulled down. She was still in shock at getting spanked that he gave her a hard follow up leathering & a round of strokes from the hated bath brush as a firm reminder that slackers under his roof get punished! Danielle had begged to be punished in this so who were we to resist such a request?
Jasmine bosses Sophie with her red bottom on display
JASMINE'S REVENGE Jasmine was bitter that she had to take a harder spanking the previous time these 2 girls were punished in this very same room when Sophie got out of a far more severe discipline thrashing by telling tales on Jasmine. Jasmine vowed revenge and it wasn't long before she sneaked back into Sophie's room to carry out a little fair play and justice on Sophie's recently thrashed and very sore red bottom, bringing her close to tears! During this tearful state she got her to admit that she was wrong! Another great little pyjama discipline film which has a lot of sore red ass and sexy girl on girl punishments that you would expect from this site.
Kami watches Danielle getting a thrashing as she endures the hairbrush too
INTRODUCING MISHKA Please give a warm welcome to Mishka, a native of Prague from the Czech Republic who is the latest new girl to appear at our site! She is one of the naughtiest young madams we know and it's not surprising since at the tender age of just 21 she has been appearing in many hardcore films recently and when she wrote to us asking to be spanked on film (it is a fetish she is genuinely into, thankfully) then we were more than happy to show you just what she was capable of... as a slutty temptress and a real submissive! This film is in 2 sections but you get to see it all in one go, the 1st half we see Mishka masturbate to a shuddering climax with her vibrating wand which finished her off in under a minute and then she is given a long lingering spanking over the knee of John who was more than happy to film her state of very real arousal before, during and after her introduction!
Emma winces as the cane whacks Sara
CANED IN THEIR PJs Cindy was trying to be good & keep her head down just before "lights out" but troublemakers Emma & Sara disturbed her as they played on her bed until she relented& joined in with their merriment & general rowdy behaviour. However, their noise attracted the attention of both Mr Osborne & Mr Down, patrolling the corridors for such incidents & were well equiped to deal with naughty young madams like these! They swooped on the raucous girls & delivered a quick no nonsense caning to all three, even though if it wasn't entirely Cindy's fault... there was no time for her to claim her innocence as they ignored the pitiful excuses of why the girls were all in the room together. What you will see are all of them caned in their pyjamas, bent over the bed, with their bottoms bared, no warm up spanking, just a straight caning! Mr Osborne, who was right handed & Mr Down, who was left handed, took turns one after the other to deliver six strokes on each girl's left & right cheeks. Highly recommended schoolgirl discipline.
Hard Girl Guide Severe Discipline
SARNIES & RED BOTTOMS These 2 unhelpful Girl Guides were meant to be preparing the sandwiches for the local Village Hall Fete but instead the girls gossip idly & even prepare the food most unhygienically! Luckily, the ever suspicious Mr Osborne had been viewing their behaviour on CCTV (he always does that with potentially naughty girls, doesn't he?) and he wasted no time confronting them both with evidence of their shambolic attitude & quickly took turns to spank both girls in front of each other but worse was to come as he ensured they were thoroughly humiliated in their uniforms after seeing the disgraceful blight to their dresscode with racy panties, he whacked them both on the bare with the paddle & that awful nasty bathbrush, their bottoms stuck out high in the air & in the embarrassing diaper position on the cold stainless steel kitchen table! Ladies & Gentlemen, you miss this film at your peril!
Kami is slippered wearing the dreaded Dropseats
WRONG PAJAMAS PT2 Previously, Mr Osborne reminded Kami harshly with his hand on her bare bottom about wearing the wrong pyjamas from a snap inspection by Matron. It seems like this madam doesn't learn her lesson as within half an hour of her punishment, she is called back for continuing to disrupt the Dorm and her flagrant disregard of bedwear protocol! This time she is given the slipper and the hairbrush across her already glowing cheeks... but worse is to come as she fails to respect her cornertime and is made to wear the Pyjamas of Shame. These punishment PJs have dropseat pants allowing anyone easy access to Kami's bare bottom, she is asked to strip naked in front of Mr Osborne who then tests out the "drop seats" giving her another severe thrashing that leaves her close to tears! She is sent packing back to the Dorms where all the girls will snigger at her for wearing those horrid punishment pyjamas to add to Kami's growing humiliation!
John checks out Sophie's very red bottom
MAINTAINING SOPHIE This movie pulls no punches and lovely Sophie gets onto the punishment stool so her spanking can begin seconds into the film. Sophie is there for her weekly maintenance spanking - that is it! This is on top of any extra punishments she may have got and she knows there is no mercy if she arrives with her bottom already near thrashed and throbbing sore from another punishment or spanking. This is why her meeting for this particular week worries her as her bottom is already very sore & welted from an earlier thrashing that day and it doesn't take much effort with the slipper, strap and bathbrush to show off her red speckled ass cheeks glowing with shame. Sophie endures this painful reminder and waits for John to rub in some soothing cream afterwards whilst he then allows her to rub her glistening bottom during corner time to reflect on her latest weekly punishment with him.
Taylor & Jenna bend over for their punishment
LOCKER ROOM THIEVES This schoolgirl film contains 2 online debuts including one of a genuine 18 year old sub lifestyler and a nasty, stern lecturing Headmistress. They co-starred alongside Jenna Jay & in this F/F punishment film they have been caught stealing other girls phones from the lockers. A disgraceful act which would lead to strip searches & the offending items identified which sealed their fate. From smiles and arrogant laughter when they thought they had got away with their crime, they soon faced a severe, shocking and humiliating punishment because this Headmistress is not afraid to slap her girls in the face when needed! & it sure was needed with new girl Taylor! Both girls then realized just how much trouble they were in when they were both bent over with their white regulation knickers pulled down, bottoms quivering nervously high in the air as they took a variety of humbling thrashings designed to really teach them a painful lesson and make them both bitterly regret ever stealing!
Leia's bottom given a good leathering
HOT TUB THRASHING Leia was babysitting for Jean & Paul but she decided to invite round her friend, Pandora, for a Hot Tub get together, whilst raiding Paul's best Rioja wine! The girls were getting nicely numb from the wine & very relaxed from the hot tub's bubbles when Jean & Paul arrived home early to discover this total abuse of their trust! Paul was fuming... especially with Pandora, who he had never met before... back chatting to him in his new hot tub was not a wise move! Leia was hauled out of the tub into the cold early evening air & she continued to protest her innocence but she knew what was going to happen, having known their family for some time. Paul & Jean smacked, spanked & strapped Leia's wet bottom in front of a puzzled & shocked Pandora who was promised the same treatment too. Both girls were strapped hard on their bare wet behinds over the tub as each girl was made to watch the other receive this humiliating painful discipline reminder!
Kami recieves the birching rod on her bare bottom
THE BIRCHING ROD Kami was in detention for stealing from the local shop.
She had been secretly texting at her desk instead of writing her lines when her phone rang giving her away much to the disgust of stern old Osborne. He read her damning texts about what she thought of it all. No matter, Mr Osborne had the perfect deterrant in the form of his trusty birching rod, a tightly bound collection of long treated hazel twigs tightly bound & far more painful & stinging than the cane and he intended to use this across her thieving hands & her bared bottom to ensure she wouldn't forget this detention in a hurry! There was no warm up or preparation, this was done quickly & severely without warning. Whilst Kami's hands were still burning, she was ordered to turn around, lower her knickers & bend over the desk for a cold birching which you will see she hated as the collection of twigs bit into her soft white rounded cheeks! As Mr Osborne noted: "It was a cruel & unusual punishment" - It sure was!
A hard slippering for Sarah's maid
SARAH'S BAD MAIDSarah Gregory is a refined lady from a typical well to do small town in Massachussets and being a proud New Englander, she doesn't employ maids of Hispanic background or those down on their luck, oh no... she employs British maids who supposedly know what they are doing and can speak the Queen's English! For this, she pays well and insists that they look the part too in their sexy frilly outfits but this comes at a price as the agency she deals with knows that she's a little eccentric and often likes to thrash her poor girls. It seems the Brits can take this sort of punishment better than their Spanish speaking cousins! Cindy was unaware that Miss Gregory was about and looking to inspect her cleaning efforts after last night's dinner party. She couldn't remove some coffee mug rings on the dining table which were her fault and it didn't go unnoticed! Miss Gregory wastes no time telling Cindy what's going to happen and it's not long before she is howling across her knee, her bare bottom spanked hard and long!
Kami is given a hard no nonsnse spanking
THE WRONG PAJAMASKami is summoned to Mr Osborne after midnight when it is discovered she is wearing the wrong pyjamas in a snap inspection by Matron. Kami is a serial offendor who likes to buy pretty and sexy garments when all the final year girls have been told not to sexualize any of their uniform, including nightwear in their dorms! So Mr Osborne wastes no time in reminding Miss Robertson what happens to girls that disobey the rules with a firm hard OTK spanking followed by a long lingering hand spanking whilst she is placed over his desk with her reddening bottom on full wigglesome display!OTK, Kami Robertson and pyjamas? It's a great combination as we are sure you will agree! Please be sure to check out the free hand spanking movie preview as Headmaster Osborne doesn't hold back!
Danielle gets a hard OTK spanking
SPANKED & SLIPPEREDDanielle's step dad was always lurking around on the landing near her bedroom as he knew he could quickly find an excuse to punish her for the merest of his many petty House Rules. Danielle couldn't afford to leave home just yet so had to put up with his many schemes to get her knickers removed and taken over his knee for some maintenance or punishment spanking that he would deem necessary! This latest punishment at bedtime was because Danielle had talked to a friend on her phone when it should have been lights out and straight to bed! She was taken over his knee, her pyjama bottoms hid nothing as he soon removed them to continue with his spanking but he hadn't finished with her just yet as he tried out his horrible "Discipline Slipper" which stung and thudded into Dani's ample behind with a loud walloping sound! See what happens in the Jackson Household behind closed doors and curtains - starring in a suburban street near you!
Kami watches Danielle getting a thrashing as she endures the hairbrush too
THE PAINFUL "STING"Ever since the first theft from the lockers, the teachers had arranged a "Sting Operation" as the thefts had continued. They loaded the lockers with spanking and punishment implements and had them covered with hidden CCTV cams to identify the culprits! It didn't take long for the latest batch of wannabe thieves, Kami & Danielle, to fall for the so called "easy pickings" of the lockers! No sooner had they realised that something was up, when they took out the spanking implements, the 2 teachers who had been watching this all from the next room quickly confronted the girls before they could escape and gave them a humiliating "on the spot" punishment with what they had both found inside the lockers! The shamed girls had their knickers pulled down in front of each other and they could hear and see the other in distress as they faced their own personal embarrassing discipline punishment. It was designed as a deterrent to put a stop to the thefts once the girls classmates would find out what had happened here!
Jasmine is paddled hard across her tender cheeks
HUMILIATING PADDLINGJasmine had been caught with a whole stack of expensive cigars she had pilfered from one of John's trusting elderly neighbours. To make things worse for this thieving minx, she had gone round in her sexy Girl Guide uniform on the pretence of being neighbourly and used this as a distraction. Old Mr Jones was contacted and he demanded that Jasmine be taught a severe and humiliating lesson which he could no longer carry out himself as he was quite frail. So step dad, John, was only too happy to help out! She was to receive a proper red bare bottom spanking followed by a paddling that would leave her bottom burning that she would then have to return the cigars to the elderly gentleman and show him the results of this embarrassing punishment to add to her growing shame! Check out what makes Jasmine such addictive viewing as we see her bum reddened beautifully with a spanking and paddling that made her yelp out loud...
Beautiful 18 year old Taylor spanked on film for the 1st time
1ST EVER TIME ON FILM! You will see 2 very genuine lifestylers caught on camera for the very first time - on film - so it is a rather unique event for them and we hope this comes across to you, as it is quite endearing! It's a short film with a crystal clear HD-Mp4 version as well as our usual widescreen Wmv format that you can download in one go. It took several "takes" for the introduction as the bright lights and cameras can sometimes be quite intimidating if you're not used to it as these ladies found out but this has been edited into a super slick interview and short sharp shock film for your viewing pleasure! We thought we'd show you this now as we have some excellent films coming up of Emma topping Taylor and we wanted you to see just how far these 2 had progressed as they gained in confidence in front of the cameras! There are some particularly excellent spanking scenes at the end of this short film which we are sure you will approve of!
Stripped of their uniforms for the final humiliation
DISCIPLINA SCHOLARIS These girls were sent to the bottom of the Punishment Landing during their "Double Latin" period for cheating in Miss Hawkings weekly classroom exam. In class, to save time, all the girls were given the trust of marking each others papers but these 2 cheaters had taken advantage of the good nature of their Latin teacher and ticked correctly such childish examples as "Mickus Mousus & Biggus Dickus". Danielle & Kami were full of remorse when they heard Mr Osborne tell them they were going to be caned... and caned "in extremis" but first the girls had a nasty warm up with a very stinging bath brush that just caused them more pain and pleading that they had learnt their lesson! The girls were finally stripped of their uniforms, their bottoms quivering, as they stood on the landing of the school stairway, nude, trembling & close to tears as they knew the girls in the school would be coming out of class anytime soon and be able to see the latest victims in this final humiliation on the Punishment Landing!
Sara's punishment shame is complete with a few pictorial reminders
SMOKING BREAK Sara had snuck off to take an extended coffee break during John's film shoot & was caught smoking a cigarette in a restricted area. Not only was she caught out, she had deliberately taken her time and had held up another film being made! John had seen enough & told her not only was she getting less pay for the day for messing his company around, he was going to spank & humiliate her further right there and then! Sara knew she was in the wrong & accepted her fate without too much of an argument. John quickly pulled down her knickers & gave her a spanking & a hard strapping for her foolish attempt at trying to cheat him out of a film that she was contracted to make! Let this be a lesson to the slackers out there! Mr Osborne doesn't miss a trick, ladies! Ahem... meanwhile, if you lovely ladies fancy working for his fine upstanding company... then please do send John an email at the Model Page or the links shown on the front bottom page of the site. You can be sure he'd "love" to find more excuses to spank you all!
Leia Ann Woods goes over Chief's knee
CAKE BOY Near the end of this particular film shoot, Leia was reminded by John about the previous night's tweet on her Twitter account describing him as a "Cakeboy" with a #fatbastard tag implying that our friendly host had been a little too eager with the "All you can eat" option around the dessert area of the restaurant they had dined at. He didn't forget her half drunken tweet & brought it up in converstaion during the filmshoot deciding to use this as an excuse to give Leia another good OTK spanking & test out a couple more of his newly acquired implements, especially a nasty double thick leather strap that hurt like hell and really didn't need much of a swing to grab any foolish tweeting madam writing "filthy lies" about people's eating habits (ok, maybe not all lies!) But John wasn't finished as he gave her an additional punishing whack with his dreaded bathbrush, which was not what Leia really wanted at the end of a full day's filming! This was an impromptu movie, these are often the best and this is one of John's favorites, we hope you like it too!
bent over to receive her spanking
INTRODUCING JENNA JAY Jenna is very new to the online spanking scene in England and this gorgeous northern lass has the makings of becoming a huge star, one to watch out for in 2012. She captured our hearts from her first giggle, her sassy attitude and is something special in our opinion. So we are proud to show her to you at our site almost before anyone else and this introduction gives you a little insight into what makes Janna tick and the sort of spanking she can take (which is pretty much anything we could give her, as we found out!). Remember this is a warm up spanking, the first of a long day but you'll soon see Jenna's beautiful bottom reddening under John's relentless hand swats... check out our latest stunning lifestyler who we can't wait to show you much, much more of coming soon exclusively at our site!
Spanked 1st on her sore red bottom
DROPSEAT SPANKINGS Sarah Gregory was caught eating a chocolate bar in bed when she knew very well that scoffing anything at bedtime was forbidden. She also knew the consequences of being caught and followed the drill of removing the dropseat section of her red pajamas so she could get over the knee of Uncle Paul for a maintenance spanking and punishment with a hairbrush that she really hated! Only then would she learn her lesson with this shameful and embarrassing punishment! She was left to sob herself to sleep rubbing her swollen red bottom! This is one very naughty brat that deserves all the spankings she gets! We believe that this was Sarah's first ever time being punished in authentic dropseat pyjamas, & doesn't she look great in them? Another exclusive from us to you!
Sophie and Jasmine are spanked and strapped for wanking
SELF DEFILERS Jasmine visits Sophie in her bedroom shortly before lights out! They're just having a girly natter and gossip about their day but being in each others rooms is strictly forbidden and things get worse when Jasmine starts playing with herself under the sheets and the girls argue a little about the etiquette of "wanking" in another's bed! Old Osborne, forever patrolling the corridors hears the disturbance investigating the noise from Sophie's room. He decides to punish them both when the truth comes out and Sophie is keen not to get into trouble so she explains why it was all Jasmine's fault because she was touching herself down below. Osborne is horrified and is shocked that his girls "self defile" in such a way and after a knicker and sheet inpection finds both girls guilty of this carnal crime! They complain and bicker but they are both strapped and paddled with his leather implements before he sends Jasmine back to her room with a sore aching red bottom and tucks Sophie back into bed with an equally tender backside...
Spanked 1st on her sore red bottom
LITTLE BLACK BOOK Kami is back for yet another detention with her bottom still showing evidence of her previous thrashing! She is told to get over Mr Osborne's lap for a bare bottom spanking & this time he spanks her harder & longer until she starts to whimper! But it isn't over for Kami by a long shot, still shaking & near to tears, she is reminded that she is due a caning when he checks the "Little Black Book"... the teacher's bible to remind them which girls are in most need of the ultimate & severest punishments! What you'll see in the second part of this film is a very hard caning across Kami's amazing bare bottom as she wiggles it around after the many stinging strokes! It is no ordinary caning & at times is relentless as Mr Osborne starts to work up a rhythm that tests Kami's limits! This is a film catered for those spanking & caning enthusiasts who relish seeing authentic looking schoolgirl discipline movies!
bent over receivinga severe red bottom punishment
THE COMPANY DINNER John has been waiting so long for Cindy to get ready for their required boring quarterly dinner date with John's company that they have missed the start at the restaurant meeting and he receives a text from his Boss telling them "not to bother coming." Fearful that he might get fired because of his wife's long delay in getting ready to go out, they soon argue and she ends up over his knee since their evening is totally ruined! It only gets worse for Cindy as she is spanked in her expensive dress then suffers the humiliation of John removing his belt to give her bare bottom a darned good thrashing, maybe the last he will give her as a highly paid employee of the company he works for! This movie will appeal to domestic discipline lovers who like to see bickering couples and wives given a good hard punishment at home behind closed doors where no one can hear their cries!
Sara spanked stood up over the wash basin
GET OUTTA BED Uncle Paul has promised his distant but wealthy relatives that he & his niece, Sara, who he now looks after, will be there on time for an important family get together over the inheritance which they say he is entitled to! Keen to impress them, he had told Sara to be ready so they could avoid the inevitable traffic delays but lazy Sara just wouldn't get up! Uncle Paul storms into her room & drags the slouch out of bed & starts to spank her over his lap, her bare bottom is soon turning red & she is left to get ready. However, she wastes more time & he again spanks her hard while berating Sara, informing her of further consequences! A third & final spanking session follows when he catches her dithering over the wash basin, still in her pyjamas & spanks her now visibly sore aching bottom further until she gets the message! A classic no nonsense OTK spanking film for those that adore pyjama clad girls!
A sore red bottom for this schoolgirl
ABSENT WITHOUT CAUSE Miss Winter has been outside the school grounds after dark at the Bottomly All Girls Boarding School & she is still in her uniform & on her phone when Mr Osborne catches her out on one of his routine patrols of the dorms after Lights Out. Sara has no valid excuse for her behaviour & Sara seems unphased about what will happen to her despite being able to hear other girls getting disciplined in other dorms for their "various misdemeanors". Mr Osborne uses the cane in a variety of positions this time to ensure Miss Winter learns her lesson, this is no simple spanking & the foolish girl feels thoroughly embarrassed by the time she is ordered into her pyjamas clutching at her very sore welted bottom! This schoolgirl movie features some excellent withering verbal put downs with hard no nonsense use of the school cane on bared insolent cheeks!
Jasmine takes more stinging slaps
WELCOME BACK JASMINE Jasmine has been one of our most popular girls and following many requests, we got her back and in her 1st solo film with us, we wanted to kind of recreate the very 1st time she ever filmed with us over a year ago... a sort of self spanking, teasing us with her sexy porn starlet looks and answering some questions about her private life and what she does in her own home regarding all things spanking related! She had confirmed to us that she hadn't been properly man spanked in quite a while so one of us filming just had to go and give her a proper "welcome back" spanking at the end ensuring her bottom got a beautiful warm shade of naughty crimson! This girl is HAWT! The spankings match her... this is just the start of many more Jasmine exclusives we will be bringing you lucky people.
Both girls are strapped next to each other
COOKIES THIEVES Cindy & Emma have been summoned to Miss Winter's Office as she's heard reports of misbehaving girls fitting their description disgracing the name of the school and the Girl Guide Troupe they represent in the annual "Cookie Drive". What's more, the money they have collected from selling the cookies has gone missing & Miss Winter is so fed up & frustrated with both girls that she spanks & uses the hairbrush on their bare behinds! However, this form of corporal punishment is reserved for the school's Headmaster, Mr Osborne, who hears the commotion & is confronted with a scene of the girls thrashed minus their knickers! He decides to teach Miss Winter a lesson in humility, punishing her in front of the girls before dispensing with them in their uniforms, himself, as they should have been. A good old fashioned excuse to show lots of bottoms reddened in under 20 minutes! It has F/F, schoolgirl, uniform punishments & a role reversal discipline of the teaching staff that should appeal to just about everyone!
sarah gets the slipper for her continuing insolence
SARAH'S DETENTION Sarah Gregory stars in her 2nd schoolgirl film & shows us some of her infamous bratty cheek (or sass - as she calls it). Her Detention soon turns into a bare bottom punishment when a simple test on how to talk "proppah! - like wot we duz in England" goes horribly wrong when she can not identify how to say the words & correct pronunciation for simple things like tomatoes (she says "toe-MAY-toes" when everyone knows we here in England say "toe-MAH-toes") then she ridicules our "Chocolate Bars" & hasn't a clue what she thinks are "Chips" (they are CRISPS ) we eat Chips or "French Fries" as she would ignorantly say... with our wonderful Fish - & the list is endless. So a good bare bottom spanking with a good old fashioned leather slippering, the English way, is needed to correct her wayward tongue! Sarah learns how to talk like her English cousins & we will hope you find her mastery of our language at the end both amusing & hopefully a lesson to those "cheeky brats" out there that dare mock our accents!
the start of the bare bottom caning
KAMI'S NAKED CANING Kami is again detained by Mr Osborne for a far more humiliating punishment in private at the school shower room where no one would hear her cries of pain & humiliation! If she was going to call him a "pervert" then he'd ensure that she'd get an appropriate punishment! Kami couldn't believe her ears when she heard him tell her to strip completely naked after he had verbally chastised her, but this teacher was serious and she undressed, nervously, as he brandished a thick cane that he then used with great effect leaving visible welts across her pert, trim buttocks! Kami wasn't being too clever with her backchat now and further humiliation was in store for this badly behaved schoolgirl as Mr Osborne insisted on seeing her shower for his own satisfaction! Girls like Kami should be careful who they berate as a pervert, eh? Enjoy viewing this very naughty schoolgirl punishment film with Miss Robertson stripped, shamed and then made to shower close to tears.
The girls check out Cindy's sore red bottom
PAJAMARAMA JAMBOREE A Special schoolgirl pajama punishment with 3 naughty girls who should be in their dorms but instead were ransacking the House Master's office whilst he was away. The girls had found the keys to his liquor cupboard & his desk where he had stashed away spanking magazines & his implements like the slipper & hairbrush he had often used on many a naughty girl! However, he had returned early & the tipsy girls were punished on the spot in front of each other without mercy as he lowered the dropseats of their pajamas for a bare bottom spanking, slippering & a nasty scene of heavy hairbrushing at the end on their bared bottoms for their insolence! An additional punishment for Sara was given for not wearing the regulation dropseats in favor of her own satin nightwear! Mr Down was far from impressed as you will discover in this special pajamarama jamboree celebration. One not to miss for those that love to see very naughty girls punished in their PJ's!
Leia's bottom given a good leathering
IMPROPER KNICKERS Leia had been in trouble before for wearing the wrong type of knickers underneath her school skirt. She was finishing her education at a posh all girls private school paid by her uncle who only insisted that she stay the weekends at his city apartment near to the school so he could keep an eye on her behaviour & continuing education. So once again it came as a nasty surprise for him to receive reports that she had been flouting regulation knicker rules & a snap inspection when she got home confirmed his worst fears! Determined to finally shame and change her ways, John puts his girl through some of the hardest punishments he had ever dished out including a hard OTK spanking & leather paddling which had Leia near to tears but he kept the best 'til last, a nasty pounding hairbrush punishment with Leia's bottom painfully exposed, hearing her gasp out in sheer embarrassment & pain at his unexpected ferocious onslaught on her quivering cheeks! Definitely one of our hardest discipliine films not to miss!
Bathbrush and hairbrush do their job
NAUGHTY CHAIRS There's very little intro dialog in this movie, both girls are waiting in front of the gaudy Naughty Chairs and they know that they are going to be punished together before bedtime. Jean & John tell them to get over their knees and inform the girls that they are getting a spanking followed by the hairbrush AND the dreaded bathbrush which they both really hate! It's not long before the girls are wincing in pain as their pajama bottoms are pulled down revealing red sore bottoms as the punishment really sets in. They are relentlessly spanked with the wooden implements, changing chairs and spankers so they both get a taste of what the other had whilst being able to see each others poor jiggling bottoms thrashed to their sides! Very Humiliating and a proper bedtime punishment!
Jasmine given a hairbrush punishment
NOTHING SEXUAL Secretary Miss Lau gives her boss the paid flight details of his long awaited business class trip to Barbados. She thinks she has done well getting him a good deal & she is rather pleased with herself! However... Osborne's initial good nature towards his rather attractive secretary change when he sees she has booked the $5000 flight to Bermuda... & it's NON refundable! He's ready to fire her immediately as it's cost him a lot of money but she's desperate to keep her job & offers herself to him sexually! Osborne is horrified that a young, attractive woman half his age would try to work it off with sordid sexual favours! He claims to be disgusted by all things sexual & instead propositions her to pay off the bill in "spanking intallments". However, he is rather smitten with Jasmine as she presents her pert naked buttocks & tight body for punishment. This hypocrite claims what he is doing is only erotic! "Yes, Mr Osborne... we believe you!" (NOT!) Jasmine loved filming this, a hilarious yet "erotic" & naughty spanking! *ahem*
Beautiful red bottom
FLAMENCO FAILURE Kami had never been filmed in this dress before & she had made a request to be spanked in it so we happily obliged coming up with a rather cheesy story where she is punished for being a shoddy Flamenco dancer who embarrassed her camp coach, John, who decided on a novel way of motivating her with his hand & a nasty stingy slipper. Her bare bottom was spanked, stood up, then over a stool with her pert bottom turning as red as the crimson dress! John's camp nature soon disappeared as he got into the latin rhythm & flamenco beat as Kami's exposed bottom jiggled in the most mesmerising fashion!
Click HERE to view more of the Xmas video

MERRY SPANKING XMAS It's our 1st Xmas online so we thought we'd give you a little treat and have John spank and stroke each of these 4 girls bottoms one after the other. He is confronted with all manner of shape, size and varying wobblesome or jiggly butts that we have all loved so much. Of course, John ensures that the girls bottoms definitely turn a darker shade of red to start matching their tacky Santa helper outfits that he had thoughtlessly provided! John isn't a big fan of Xmas (we can see that with his rubbish outfits he bought them) but don't let this nasty scrooge stop you enjoying a film that lets you see some new and established spanking talent from the UK getting a good dose of old fashioned hand spanking in the Festive Season! John would like to remind you all that no Christmas presents were thought of or used in the making of this film! Bah Humbug!

Sarah is spanked in her innapropriate St Trinians style uniform

WELCOME TO ENGLAND Welcome Miss Sarah Gregory in her first authentic English school discipline! But wait a moment, why is she dressed in a tacky St Trinians style uniform? This isn't regular issue! Well, this foolish brat had been sent by her fed up parents to A Finishing School in England to turn her into a lady but Sarah thought she could ignore the uniform regulations & buy herself something she had seen on film! She had been told to report to Headmaster Paul Kennedy who has a correct uniform waiting for her! Mr Kennedy is one of the "Old School" disciplinarians & already had full permission from all the girls parents at this institution to carry out any corporal discipline as he saw fit! This 20 minute film covers the chastisement of a brat & her spanking in & out of her tacky St Trinians style uniform, then she got dressed into the correct outfit, spanked again in that one so she would know how that feelt & of course it is hoped Miss Gregory would learn that coming to this finishing school was no joke at all!

Bent over for a hard caning punishment

SCHOOL BUS BULLIES In a rare chance to redeem themselves, Mr Osborne tried to allow the girls to own up to the fact that they were caught bullying, fighting & smoking at the back of the bus. But they continued to lie & deny any wrong doing, even with the damning evidence of the CCTV footage, the accounts of the bus driver & several of the other pupils! Mr Osborne's patience ran out after he realized they were never going to own up of their own volition. What was to be a simple hand spanking punishment turned out to be far worse for both girls as they were made to bend over the couch & receive many stinging whacks of his heaviest cane in the school. You will see that finally, his message was getting through to each insolent girl as they were caned, side by side, with their bare bottoms fully exposed! This was how liars, cheats & bullies were treated at this private educational establishment!

Leia is given a spanking in front of her friend

LATE NIGHT LAZY ARSES Leia & Irelynn work for Osborne Industries & have been invited over to John's place the day before they are all due to help represent him in an important Business Breakfast Meeting. John felt he could trust the girls as it was a big deal for everyone so he let them party as he thought they were responsible employees, feeling they deserved a bit of a reward as he is no ogre really! However, the girls abused his trust & are so hungover they can't get out of bed & John is furious that he has had to reschedule the meeting & takes matters into his own hands in this excellent short, sharp reminder of just who is the boss! This is a powerful film with lots of hard humiliating, hand spankings of both girls in front of each other & this is the infamous film that saw the loss of John's beloved hairbrush as Irelynn's tough, naughty backside broke it during the end of the film!

punished for watching pornography on his laptop

WATCHING PORN Cindy was bored at work but instead of finishing off the accounts she started surfing for some online spanking material. The office she worked in had a culture of spanking with her boss often dishing out some humiliating punishments, however Cindy would have wished she had been just a little more discreet as the noise of the spankings she was watching attracted the attention of Mr Osborne, her pervy boss! He had heard the tell tale noises of bare cheeks being smacked & was immediately suspicious when Cindy tried to hide what she'd been watching! She was soon stood up & made to remove her panties as he berated her for using his time! She was given a taste of what she had been watching, bent over spanked with her bottom jiggling in pain, this was followed by a hard strapping & caning of her swollen cheeks for daring to abuse his trust, time & money employing her!

The girls before and after their thrashing in the uniforms

BE PREPARED! The girls are off to a Fancy Dress party & came up with the idea to go as Girl Guides! The only problem is they have to sneak out past uncle John who just won't understand! He's at the other end of the room, dozing off to rubbish on the TV & all goes well until one of them makes a loud noise & stirs him from his sleepy state! He barks at them to come back & their plan is blown as he is appalled at the way they are dressed including the deception of sneaking out in such provocative costumes! They should know better than to sneak out like this, he tells them, so with help of his trusty strap & hairbrush, he shows them just how upset he is as their bare bottoms are thrashed with the Girl Guide uniforms still worn! This is a visual treat for us all with a very naughty spanking theme. See exactly what happens to Irelynn & Leia in their authentic, cute girl guide uniforms!!

Jasmine's sweet naked cheeks are spanked

THE REPAIR BILL Jasmine returns from the Car Workshop with the Repair Bill but when John discovers just how much it is with the uneccessary work that has been carried out, he suspects that the mechanics have taken advantage of her! What makes things worse is that she paid the bill immediately & didn't even think to contact him for advice! He seizes the opportunity to spank her cheeks over the tight denim before removing her shorts for a lingering bottom rubbing & spanking that gets him highly aroused in the trouser department! This "loving discipline" from Jasmine's other half does afford us a chance to see her tight buns spanked rubbed and groped in a manner that is visually arousing in a domestic spanking scenario! Imagine Jasmine over your knee wearing that sexy outfit & then imagine poor John who will probably have no money left & could suffer a seizure if he were to continue spanking Jasmine's cute rump!

Holding her aching red cheeks

THE REVIEW Arrogant prefect Sara Winter is brought to the school storeroom during lunchtime for her latest review! She has no idea how poor it is or why she is in such a location! Of course the reason is because her grades, behavior & overall attitude the last month are at an all time low and Headmistress Miss Bradley has brought her to this depressing location to sort her out personally with a damned good thrashing where no one will be able to hear Miss Winter's desperate cries as she intends to give this girl a hard, short, sharp shocking reminder that embarrassing Corporal Punishment in her school still means something when girls fail to learn from their previous mistakes and errors! See Sara's tight bare bottom given a hard OTK spanking that leaves it sore and beautifully glowing & speckled red before the final part where her cheeks are strapped without mercy! Authentic schoolgirl punishment dished out by the fearsome Miss Bradley!

Jean is strapped

ARSON ATTACK Pandora & Leia have a week of punishments for getting caught setting fire to their local corner shop! Luckily the fire was put out before much damage but Paul had promised the shopkeeper to keep this between themselves as he is in charge of the girls & has told the shopkeeper that he will pay for the damages & take it out on both girls bottoms for a week! The girls go through some lengthy spankings all week before they go to school & we see one of the punishment sessions that both girls are having to endure. However, they don't appear to be learning their lesson as they cheek & answer back to him despite having their bottoms spanked until both girls can barely sit down!

Jasmine lau loves her chocolate

SWEETIE THIEF Jasmine loves a bit of chocolate, especially when she doesn't have to pay for it thinking she can sneak a few small candy pieces from John's dwindling tin tub but he's onto her as he has (sadly) been secretly counting the number left & knows she has been stealing his treats! As Jasmine is grounded for a whole 2 weeks - this is the perfect excuse to confront the tarty chocolate guzzler. She's summoned downstairs whilst she's still scantily dressed! Even at 18 years of age Jasmine is a totally striking girl but he's not fazed by the sight of this budding grown woman as she is not too old to go over his knee for hard hand spanking as a reminder not to take candy without permission. Includes scenes of punishment with a hard wooden hairbrush across this gorgeous teenager's tight bare butt!

Jasmine paddles her trim pert bottom

DOUBLE DETENTION Jasmine Lau & Kami Robertson were caught at the local corner shop trying to steal again and they've both been sent to the detention room after school with Mr Osborne. He is fed up seeing these girls feature regularly in the Punishment Book so disciplines each girl seperately at first then together with their bare bottoms almost touching & with Mr Osborne lecturing them endlessly, both feel embarrassed & ashamed that they are in this position again! Kami is close to tears when she is punished & very resentful as the nasty wooden hairbrush is paddled against her reddening bottom! As Mr Osborne leaves the girls to contemplate their actions, Kami secretly vows to get back at nasty Mr Osborne! To be continued...

John roughly yanks down Leia's PJ bottoms

RUDE AWAKENING This short sharp shock movie gets to the point when John is fed up with Leia oversleeping yet again & he has something which may just help her get up a little earlier in future! His dreaded bathbrush! It doesn't take many swats with this vicious little piece of wooden technology to wake Leia up fully! Yes! It stings like hell & John uses this on her bottom in a variety of revealing & humiliating positions as she squirms then tries to wriggle away from her blistering punishment! This is a short but very effective spanking movie with gratuitous use of bathbrush & excessive hand spankings across a slumbering lazy arse!

Thrashed with the leather belt

THE BROKEN GLASS Kami Robertson is employed by the Osborne Family to clean their old house, she has been in the employ of these old school disciplinarians for some time but she sticks with it because they pay her well for her services so when she accidentally breaks a large glass she knows she's in trouble but not as much as she thought she'd be. John is devastated that an old family heirloom is shattered in pieces and he takes it out on Kami's perky behind! See her spanked in her sexy Maid outfit and frilly knickers but then John removes his belt and she feels the leather stinging across her bared cheeks from a severe thrashing until they are molten red and she's in real tears!

Panties pulled down for her slippering

JASMINE LAU'S SLIPPERING It's that time of the year when apples are ready to fall and the juiciest ones are often envied by foolish girls keen to keep the doctor away! Stealing apples, or "scrumping" as it is called, is frowned on by some as a shameful, easy act of theft! Especially old school disciplinarian, John Osborne, who uses this excuse catching young Jasmine & he administers a shocking, stinging, slippering punishment across her beautiful bared bottom to rival the very red ripe apples that she had stolen a little earlier. Of course, it's all a bit of nonsense but any film seeing Jasmine getting a good hard thrashing across her addictively spankable bottom is worth its weight in gold!

hairbrush and hand spanking

RED BOTTOM BREAKFAST Leia-Ann Woods & Pandora Blake were enjoying their breakfast but they ddidn't seem to be in any hurry to get ready for school! The girls were being looked after by Miss Bradley who knew every trick in the book when girls would try anything to wriggle out of going to school & these 2 were no exception! She had received a text from the Admin Office which informed her of their absence & late arrivals so she was well aware that they were lying when she confronted them. Each girl was taken over her knee & given a solid sound spanking with their pyjamas pulled down! Pandora was especially lippy so received an extra dose of the hard wooden hairbrush which soon made her squeal as Miss Bradley tried to instill more discipline & order into these 2 brats to motivate them not to get thrashed again & get themselves off to school!

Bottom reddening spanking

WHEN GEEKS SPANK! John settles in his special basement cinema area for a Friday night of Sci-Fi DVDs catching up on looking over the same old story arcs again and again much to the annoyance of his long suffering partner, Kami Robertson. However, as Kami is about to find out, you should never part a geek with his precious Science Fiction fix unless you're prepared for the consequences and John soon realises that she has removed all his box sets and he gets the truth out of her when she ends up over his knee for some special Friday Night Entertainment of his own that gives him a new found high... spanking Kami's delicous pert rounded butt! She better get him his DVDs back soon before he gets a real taste for this Special Friday night "in house" entertainment!

Pandora pays a spanking forfeit

SPANKING TWISTER This film happened by accident but it was one we all loved making as you will see from this newest addition to the site! Leia-Ann Woods & Pandora Blake are part of the birthday surprise provided by Jean Bradley for a very lucky Paul Kennedy as the girls arrive as part of the game package to play "Spanking Twister". The girls are placed in various positions decided by Paul and Jean as they play the game directing the scantily clad girls, bottoms up where possible, to various awkward and revealing positions until one of the girls fails and then Paul can have his reward spanking the hapless loser over his lap. Enjoy this much loved party game with a spanko difference as 2 of the UK's biggest spanking stars help make Paul's birthday wishes come true!

Admiring her handiwork across 2 naughty schoolgirls bottoms

CAUGHT SCRUMPING Hodges & Winter are waiting for Miss Bradley in the old dis-used teaching section of the school. This is the place she likes to punish her girls as it is near the main hallway where all the pupils can see what happens afterwards to the naughty ones when she has finished with them! Both girls show absolutely no repect and find some chalk on the old blackboard and write obscenities about Miss Bradley and one of her male colleagues! Miss Bradley catches them in the act which makes things worse as the girls are to be disciplined for "Scrumping" (which is stealing the last of the apples) from the school orchard & there's no Apple Crumble for lunch the following day! These slackers are given a good verbal lashing before their knickers are removed for a spanking next to each other as only Miss Bradley knows how!

OTK spanking

POST PARTY PUNISHMENT Cindy & Sara have had a wild party when their friend & landlord, John, was away on business! This pair had met him at a Fetish Party in the Midlands & now have become his lodgers - but these girls are always abusing his trust & good nature so it comes as no surprise that he gets to spank & correct these wayward girls when he sees fit! This time, the girls have been caught out as he got back early from his business trip & finds the house in a right mess with the girls upstairs, hungover & hardly able to get out of bed! John takes Cindy, the mouthy one, over his knee first as he makes Sara watch what's coming to her! The girls soon get the hairbrush across their bare bottoms as he takes great delight in spanking & leering at their reddening cheeks, rubbing them gleefully in between feeling the heat of their butt cheeks as he gets in the zone! Take a peek behind the closed doors of this spanko household which could be somewhere near you!

caned on the bed with her legs parted

THAT'S MY BOYFRIEND! Jasmine had been allowed to invite her friend Kami over for a sleepover as Kami's parents were away & even though she's 18 she didn't like being alone there. All was fine until they both started to discuss their boyfriends just before getting ready to go to sleep. When Jasmine discussed her new boyfriend's kinky lewd texts showing them proudly to her friend, Kami saw that it was from HER current beau! They argued about the lowlife double two timer then started to catfight & make such a racket that John was forced to seperate them when he heard the commotion! The girls were hysterical & John lost his patience so made an example of Jasmine over his knee telling Kami she was next! Kami's smirks & gloats as Jasmine was spanked on her bare bottom didn't go un-noticed & she was spanked harder but the girls continued to fight, refusing to make up so he placed both of them over the bed & paddled their red bottoms with his favourite hairbrush until they behaved!

Jasmine paddles her trim pert bottom

JASMINE LAU'S SELF SPANKING We are very proud to introduce you to Jasmine Lau who is fast becoming an internet spanking sensation! This was jasmine's first intro film she did with us & she was a particular favoUrite of the entire film crew. This adult actress is not afraid of showing off her fantastic body intimately & has starred in many very explicit films! To say that she loves her work is an understatement! A true model professional... as you'll see, Jasmine also loves everything "spanking" & can't wait to show you her subbie side. What a very sexy girl she is! She teases us all then plays with a hairbrush and a leather paddle, reddening her perfectly toned bottom until the cameras are almost steamed up! A great self spanking film and she doesn't hold back!

Mr Osborne takes a good look at the correct knickers!

KNICKERS OF SHAME Waiting in the Detention Room are Cindy & Sara. It's hidden deep in the basement of the school where Mr Osborne carries out his ritual punishments! Even when the girls are confronted by sleazy Mr Osborne, they don't realise just how humiliating their latest punishment was going to be! Their cocky attitude is soon replaced with one of shame and humility as they fail their uniform inspection miserably and most importantly the regulation knicker rules are seriously flouted which earns them confiscation of their wretched slutty underwear & Mr Osborne makes them wear the white cotton knickers of shame as he spanks then paddles the girls until he is satisfied that they can return home with throbbing sore red bottoms! This schoolgirl movie features some humiliating withering banter with hard no nonsense red bottomed discipline!

leia and pandora bend over for their spanking

RED LIPSTICK Leia-Ann interrupts Pandora brushing her teeth in the bathroom for the all important question " Where's my red lipstick?" Pandora is bemused that Leia should be so dependent on a color she thinks is nasty anyway, so an argument quickly follows but is broken up by Miss Bradley who hears all the commotion & wonders why they aren't prepared and ready for college! As the girls continue to bicker the only way to nip this in the bud is a hard bare bottom spanking which soon shuts them up except for their moaning, squealing & complaining as the punishment starts to sting & soon both girls have bottoms as red as Leia's missing lipstick! This F/F movie is a short sharp reminder and maintenence discipline which keeps both girls on the straight and narrow!

Domestic Discipline spankings

WINDOW CLEANER This is a kinky long play movie at over 25 minutes of good hard spanking punishment with a twist! It's part of a rare & sought after exclusive series of films starring Jean Bradley in a sub role & you'll see how this lady loves to switch! In an homage to the cheeky "Confessions of a..." series from the 1970s here is our fun take on that genre that has a cheeky window cleaner talking to the camera about one of his kinky customers he sometimes "has to service" with a good hard spanking as poor Jean can't get enough of this at home! We'll see him spy on her, we'll see Jean getting turned on, spanking herself after watching one of her many naughty films on her laptop - & then we'll see Paul get a very happy Jean over his knee for some good old fashioned spanking and playtime with some of her favorite tools. This is a very grown up spanking movie containing authentic, hot, erotic spanking scenes & lots of bottom rubbing and grinding! A "Must See" for Discipline Lovers!

Leia is given a cold caning

THE WRONG SKIRT Leia & Irelynn reported to Mr Osborne, who was enjoying his day off before receiving the latest infractions, & he decided to deal with this personally! It was obvious why Leia was there, her surly attitude was the least of her worries as she was wearing the wrong school skirt & high heel shoes which were totally in contravention of the strict uniform guidelines. This was no accident, Leia knew this but didn't care. Irelynn was there as she had been getting into trouble hanging around Leia & her gang. Mr Osborne had seen enough, it was a "cold caning" for Leia, no warm up, no helpful hand spanking, she was bent over the glass table & Irelynn made to watch as the relentless strokes of the heavy kooboo cane crashed down onto her cheeks! When Mr Osborne decided to use Leia's bottom as target practice, going for her crease & a few painful strikes to the top of her thighs, Irelynn pleaded with him to stop! She was given a quick spanking then suffered the indignity of ending up spanked next to Leia too!

Cindy is given the 1st OTK spanking

BATHROOM LEATHERING Krystal started to touch herself intimately when brushing her teeth before bedtime & gave in to her temptation to bring herself off! She had to frig herself off there & then & wasted no time arranging herself on the toilet so she could properly play with her wet pussy & she so enjoyed dipping her fingers around her growing wetness that she let out a little gasp of joy. By now, her partner was wondering if she was ever coming to bed & he decided to go check before he got undressed! The sight that greeted him of her nearing orgasm made him want to join in right there & then but he remembered her flirting earlier that day & told her she was going to get a damned good leathering! "Whack! Whack! Whack!" crashed his heavy leather belt as she still dared to continue talking to him in a filthy way. Her fella loved the sight of a sore red welted bum which she knew he adored! What spanko could resist playing with that?

Pandora yelps and cries out during her early morning spanking

CATALINA Mrs Bradley rued the day she ever followed her neighbour's advice & got one of those cheap but supposedly hard working foreign cleaners from Eastern Europe. Oh, it was all the rage in suburbia, the influx of good looking nannies & hard working girls to clean the large houses was the talk of the Women's Institute & Jean Bradley so wanted to boast about her latest "acquisition" but poor Jean had definitely drawn the short straw with this lazy slob as you'll see! Catalina's English wasn't the best but she understood how to say "more money", "sorry I am late" & "I leave now" very well... but this latest incident of just not doing the dusting around the house then showing Mrs Bradley how she dusted in the absence of necessary equipment like a "Dusting cloth" finally did it for Jean! She took this lazy girl over her knee & gave her a hard thrashing & wasn't satisfied that Catalina was giving her respect due so she brought out her canes & used them across her wide, bare insolent bottom... which she understood very quickly!

A leather paddling

HOME LATE Sara thought she could get away with sneaking in late without Jean knowing anything but Miss Bradley is used to girls behaving badly and knows every trick in the book! Sara knows she's doomed when she is confronted by this fact the next day when she thought she was going out again to meet her boyfriend. Instead she had an appointment over Miss Bradley's knee and in this domestic situation, you will get to see a very sore bare red bottom spanking followed by a hard leathering to make sure that Sara knows and respects Miss Bradley's strict House Rules before being sent to bed early without any supper!

jean is given a good bare bottom spanking

THE LAZY CLEANER Jean is late again much to Paul's annoyance! He is so incensed this time that when Jean finally turns up, more interested on what's on her i-Phone than listen to him berating her, he flips & takes her over his knee for a much needed spanking! She is certainly not too old to be getting this long overdue treatment & although she is shocked at his behaviour she knows deep down she deserves this & eventually starts to genuinely feel sorry especially as her bare bottom is being spanked & then strapped! She needs this job desperately in these hard economic times so she's willing to show that she can learn from her bad attitude! Paul admires his handiwork as he watches her do the 1st job of the day that she should have completed over an hour ago, washing the dishes by hand!

Hungover after their long all night party

CAR SCRATCH Pandora & Leia were summoned to Headmistress Jean Bradley's Office over an incident in the staff car park. Someone had keyed the side of her Jag & she heard reports 2 girls fitting their description were nearby! As the girls refused to own up, a strip search was made & evidence was found to prove their guilt! So what followed was a humiliating pants down punishment that had both girls squealing & sobbing as Miss Bradley took no prisoners! However further humiliation for the girls was in store as pervy school janitor, Mr Kennedy, was brought in as these girls had been disrupting his work too & despite their protestations about him hanging around the girls changing rooms with various excuses of "spillages" he was allowed to help with the continued bare bottom discipline much to the girls disgust & utter shame! A perfect mix of humour, authentic schoolgirl discipline & some good hard honest spankings!

Spanking audition of Emma

INTRODUCING EMMA BROWN One of the UK's best known spanking models! We had wanted to film her for some time but for a variety of unforeseen circumstances this had led to several cancellations, one on the day of a filmshoot! These things happen so we understood but it was still nice to get one over on Emma when we finally met her by attending a Christmas Spanking Party. After Emma had finished her long afternoon, she was happy to give us a quick interview & OTK spanking session as well as show us her sore welted bottom after the Party! This update is complimented by a bonus images of the final scenes of the Christmas Party where she was caned by some of the girls who she had let down on our previous cancellation! Welcome to Triple A Spanking, Emma!

proper womanly spankings

PE MISTRESS Head of Physical Education, Miss Jean Bradley is up for her annual appraisal & it's not good news as Headmaster informs her of the poor performances by the pupils in all the school sports competitions & the lack of respect that he has noticed the girls giving her teaching staff which is ultimately Miss Bradley's responsibility! To bring her back into line, Headmaster decides to punish her like any naughty schoolgirl! What you will see here is a very grown up spanking with a severe long lasting punishment including some very hard hand spankings that even leave Headmaster nursing a sore hand as Miss Bradley's bottom can take quite a pasting! She then receives harder than usual swats of the cane across her bared bottom & is made to wear the school PE outfit to be treated like one of her pupils. Headmaster knows that this embarrassing punishment will motivate Miss Bradley to become far more stern and not to accept failure from her girls in future.

Taken over her knee she is given a good hard spanking

CHEATING CHEERLEADER Nicky was stood at the desk of Miss Hodges with her hands on her head being asked to explain why on earth the school team had been disqualified from this year's Cheergirl Championships! As leader, Nicky thought she would be doing the school & her team a massive favour by using a few nasty tricks on the other girls by introducing "hash cakes" & chocolate laxatives into the girls snacks which of course had dire consequences for their preformances! Miss Hodges had also been asked by the other schools to make an example of the ringleader & there was no wriggling out of this one, as Nicky, still in her cheergirl uniform, was given a spanking & hairbrushing across her bared cheeks she'd not likely to forget in quite a while! Miss Hodges told the near tearful girl that the other school head teachers required proof that Nicky's bottom was sufficiently sore & punished so Miss Hodges used her Smart Phone to take some images & sent them to the regional schools network! How embarrassing!

Pajama punishment on her bed

THE LAZY WIFE Jean & Paul had been on his company funded "Night Out" & it seems that Jean has had a little too much to drink as she is suffering the next morning. Paul was promised a cooked breakfast and it's nearly lunchtime so he confronts his lazy missus snuggled up in bed & when he doesn't hear the right things & further broken promises along with her slow dancing antics with his Boss that everybody will be talking about at work on Monday, he decides his wife should get a damned good spanking reminder in a lesson on how to behave! You'll hear her tired excuses & Paul's withering replies until she is placed over his knee, her pyjama bottoms pulled down, then given a good manly spanking! She continues to argue so he produces his slipper to finish off her backchat to fully wake up his lazy wife until her bottom is burning red hot - & he still wants that cooked breakfast she promised him!

Kami is slippered hard on her bottom

GIRL GUIDE MAYHEM Both girls are looking forward to going out to a really popular Fancy Dress party & they are sure that their Girl Guide Uniforms will be something that will make them stand out from the crowd! They've had a few glasses of vino already & as they get dressed & excited about the coming evening, Leia makes some remarks about how Irelynn looks & wants to wear the shirt with more badges on! It's playful banter at first but then both girls start to scrap on the bed & Irelynn pins down Leia telling her she is going out with a sore bottom as she pulls down her skirt & starts to spank her exposed cheeks. Leia struggles but Irelynn is too strong as she continues to smack Leia's delicious bottom until she accepts her fate! They soon kiss & make up then they wonder how to cross their next obstacle. Just how they can sneak out of the apartment without John noticing them in their naughty fancy dress outfits? He's sure to disapprove!

Irelynn's red bottom is revealed

INTRODUCING IRELYNN LOGEEN This was her last ever appearance at a spanking site online so we were most fortunate to get her before she retired! John had tried a few times before to get Irelynn to appear but circumstances conspired against them both with bad timing & such so it was not long before he made up for this & settled Irelynn over his lap. Underneath her shorts he revealed a very cute pair of panties & as he continued to spank Irelynn's gorgeous bottom it began to start turning red. This introductory film specializes in OTK spanking & John upped the tempo & Irelynn's cheeks began to redden. It includes some great facial reactions you'd expect starring the very sexy Irelynn Logeen! Video formats are able to be downloaded at over 3000kbs giving you a clearer better view of all the spanking action!

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